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Daniel Prokisch’s Grapple Bear is an entirely hand-drawn 2D platformer game with game mechanics that are easy to start with but harder to master.

You navigate the bear character equipped with a grappling hook through a number of hand-rendered levels, always with the aim of reaching the flag while avoiding obstacles and traps in the environment. Grapple Bear saves your record run on each level as a “ghost player” playing alongside you to encourage you to beat your high score. This game is ideal for speedrunners and those who just want to play games offline and on-the-go.

“Grapple Bear! Grapple Bear, does whatever a Grapple Bear does! Can he swing from a rope? Yes he can. Grapple Bear.” 


Daniel Prokisch: art, programming, level design, sound effects

Adam Boruzs: Music

Fiona Feeney: Fonts


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